Virginia Tech BOLT Racing Team to Race in New Jersey

Bring it on Virginia Tech!

On July 12th – 13th, the amazing undergraduate engineering team behind BOLT will be going head-to-head with the established participants in the eMotoRacing 2014 series.

Virginia Tech's BOLT team's electric bike. For more pics, check out their Facebook page.

Virginia Tech’s BOLT team’s electric bike. For more pics, check out their Facebook page.

The BOLT (Battery Operated Land Transport) team will be entering an electric bike they’ve built from the ground up.  You can see photos of their build progress on their Facebook page.  They originally constructed Virginia Tech’s first 100% electric-powered motorcycle in 2012, and competed in the TTXGP North American Series.  The team finished as the fastest 75 class bike in the western hemisphere.  In 2012 the team entered in the Unlimited GP class.

Now, with the eMotoRacing 2014 series filling the absence of the TTXGP, the BOLT team has entered to compete on July 12th – 13th at the New Jersey Motorsports Park.

But how will this hand-crafted bike fair when pitted against the customized factory-built bikes of other eMotoRacing contestants?  Find out this soon!

About Team Bolt as described on their website: “The BOLT team is dedicated to evolving electric vehicle technology through design, construction, and demonstration of a high performance electric motorcycle and as a competition based team strives for nothing but the best performance on the track. By challenging the standards of performance the team expects to increase the visibility of clean emissions motorsports while proving the viability of the technology itself.”