PRESS RELEASE: The Woodcraft Technologies eMotoRacing Series comes to California for 2 back-to-back events

California Dreamin' - the eMotoRacing series heads back to the hip state of California for a challenge between the Zero and Brammo bikes!

California Dreamin’ – the eMotoRacing series heads back to the hip state of California for a challenge between the Zero and Brammo bikes! (Rider: Ricky Orlando)

The Woodcraft Technologies eMotoRacing Series comes to California for 2 back-to-back events.

The big track at Willow Springs will host two eight lap electric road races on April 25 and 26.

Later the following week, Sonoma Raceway will be the site of two more rounds of zero emissions racing, April 30 and May 1.

A three bike team sponsored by Hollywood Electrics of Los Angeles will pit specially prepared Zeros against the Brammo Empulses that have dominated the series in 2014 and so far into 2015.

Willow Springs International Raceway

The exciting track at Willow Springs International Raceway

Riders Jeff Clark, Brandon Nozaki-Miller, and Nathan Barker will pilot the Zero Team.  Brammo riders include Pete Nicolosi of NC, fresh from a win at NOLA, Murrae Haynes of NM, and defending series champion Arthur Kowitz on his solar powered streamliner.

Last year’s winners at Willow Springs was Dave Roper and Arthur Kowitz. Winner for both races last year at Sonoma was Eric Bostrom.

Later in the season, the eMotoRacing events at Miller and NJMP will showcase prototype road racers built and campaigned by university student teams. These teams will compete against the Brammo and Zero production based bikes.

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Pics from Willow Springs and Sonoma during eMotoRacing’s 2014 season // © Abe Kowitz


Results from Day One at Sonoma Raceway

The Results of Day One are IN!

A full press release detailing both races on May 1st and May 2nd will be available in the next day or two, but here are the results from Day One, along with some great pictures of the race to whet your appetite:

  1. Eric Bostrom on a Brammo Empulse TTX
  2. Arthur Kowitz on a Brammo Empulse TTX
  3. Ricky Orlando on a Brammo Empulse R
  4. Andrew Cowell on a Brammo Empulse R
  5. Shelina Moreda on a Brammo Empulse R

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High-Speed Solar Powered Motorcycle Roadracing Series Coming to California’s Sonoma Raceway on May 1st – 2nd

On May 1st & 2nd, Zero-emissions Motorcycle Road Racing is headed to the twisting track at Sonoma Raceway, California.  The 2014 eMotoRacing series will attack this exciting 2.32 mile road course without burning fossil fuel!

Sonoma Raceway

Sonoma Raceway

Experienced eBike racers will be competing for first place at this AHRMA sanctioned event.  Series’ rules and schedule are available at

In addition to these bikes of the future, there will be a full slate of vintage and modern road racing classes taking place both days of the event.  Visit for details.

The New Orleans based firm Solar Alternatives will be providing to eMotoRacing an innovative mobile charging station, which will provide fossil-fuel-free power for up to two of the race entrants.

The charging station features a 3500 watt pure sine power inverter, 1000 watt solar panels, and 16wh gel-cell battery banks. It was successfully deployed at earlier eMotoRacing events, including the season opener at Roebling Road.

About Solar Alternatives:
Solar Alternatives was founded in 2008 to provide powerful clean energy designs using advanced technology and a skilled, versatile team.  With a focus on client-centered design, attention to detail and constant innovation, the company portfolio includes all major solar technologies as well as cutting edge applications such as mobile solar power systems.

About eMotoRacing:
eMotoRacing was established to fill the demand for a zero-emissions motorcycle racing series that would demonstrate advanced and compact e-superbike technology and excitement.  With a full schedule implemented at legendary racetracks across the country, eMotoRacing’s strategic partnership with AHRMA provides the best of current and past racing history.

For technical details on the U.S. eMotoRacing Series, visit and/or email Kowitz at