Road America Race Report

Road America Race Report, June 7-8, 2014

~By Arthur Kowitz

What beautiful racetrack and facility! We had perfect weather and crowds estimated at 10,000 for the motorcycle festival weekend.
The track’s hilly terrain creates a few blind spots, while the 3 looong straightaways challenge racebikes as few courses anywhere do. One of these long, but kinked straights hurtles the racers through a lush forest at top speed…it’s enchanting.

Elkhart Lake, Road America Track

The Road America Race Track in Wisconsin was built in 1955, carved out of the glacial Kettle Moraine area to fulfill the local need for speed when the state banned racing on public roads. Over the years this course has challenged the world’s best racers, and this past weekend was no exception.

There were 4 eMotoRacing entrants for the 2 round series held at this grueling, high-speed 4 mile road course.

Dave Sadowsky, former Daytona 200 winner, had a new custom rear shock by Nitron fitted to his Brammo Empulse R.
Secondly, Andrew Cowell, AHRMA’s race school instructor, fielded another Brammo with new Bridgestone DOT race tires mounted and ready for action.

New to the series is AHRMA Middleweight Superbike veteran Scott Signorini, who recently took delivery of an Empulse R that sports lightweight racing wheels, and a few other nice bits. Scott was excited to compete in his first eMotoRacing event.

Arthur Kowitz on his Brammo TTX

Arthur Kowitz with his trimmed Brammo TTX

Lastly, myself, with my Brammo TTX which is fitted with substantially the same motor, controller, and batteries as the other entrants…but the bike has been lightened and trimmed down for racing.

eMotoRacing heads to a tight and technical course at Grattan Michigan next weekend, where racebike advantages are secondary to rider daring and skill. But, this week in both races at Road America, the lighter and sleeker TTX was too much for the rest of the field.

1st….Arthur Kowitz, Brammo TTX
2nd…Dave Sadowsky, Brammo Empulse R
3rd…Andrew Cowell, Brammo Empulse R
4th…Scott Signorini, Barmmo Empulse R

These same competitors, plus another new entrant to the field will test each other next weekend at Grattan, Michigan, where the top podium spot will be fiercely contested.
Bring it on!

~Arthur Kowitz

About Arthur Kowitz: Kowitz was a pioneer and competitive privateer in AMA Superbike racing from the class’ inception in 1976 until 1982. A quarter-century later, he rode his venerable Kawasaki Z1 to the 2008 AHRMA Vintage Superbike Heavyweight Championship. In 2013, he competed on an electric Brammo Empulse TTX in the FIM eWorldCup Series at Laguna Seca Raceway and at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Results from Willow Springs Raceway, California

Welcome eRace Fans! eMotoRacing had a great weekend of racing with AHRMA at Willow Springs, California.

There were three Brammos and a Zero on the track, with all the bikes finishing both races at full speed.



Competitors were:
  • Legendary TT winner Dave Roper on a Brammo
  • Motorcyclist magazine test rider Zack Courts on a Brammo
  • M1GP ace Jeff Clark on a Zero
  • Moto-journalist Ed Milich on a Brammo
  • AMA Superbike pioneer Arthur Kowitz on a Brammo

Dave Roper won round one on Saturday (best lap time 01:50.546), and Arthur Kowitz won the eight lap race on day two (best lap time 01:45.221).

(check out the below GoPro video made by Arthur Kowitz)

(click a pic below to view full-size gallery)
© Abe Kowitz – please credit if used in media press releases

This coming Thursday and Friday, May 1 and 2, will be the next round in the eMotoRacing series at Sonoma Raceway in Northern California’s Wine Country.

This will be eMotoRacing’s biggest event ever with several factory Zero entries, two Brammo factory entries and several privateers.
Notable riders will include Eric Bostrom, Dave Sadowski, Doug Smith, Arthur Kowitz.

Also in the paddock will be the Solar Alternative of New Orleans’ solar generating trailer, which will charge two of the racers completely emission-free.

Come out to Sonoma to join in the excitement!

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Did you know: the earth is the only planet whose name has not been derived from the Roman or Greek mythology? The name has originated from the 8th century Anglo Saxon word- Erda. This means ground or soil .

Did you know: the earth is the only planet whose name has not been derived from the Roman or Greek mythology? The name has originated from the 8th century Anglo Saxon word- Erda. This means ground or soil .

eMotoRacing wishes you a Happy Earth Day!  For suggestions on fun and educational things to do with the kids to celebrate, check out:

25 Crazy Facts About Planet Earth:

The Earth is Faster Than a Speeding Bullet!
10 Planetary Facts for Earth Day

Check out a GREAT article by Phil Plait at  CLICK HERE

Celebrate Earth Day #MyBeautifulEarth

CLICK HERE to share your own beautiful photos of this amazing planet we call home, and check out the spectacular photos posted by others.

Race Rules Updated – Official Release

The following changes to the eMotoRacing series have been approved and are effective on 04/20/2014:
Rule # 7.1 Deleted:

“Leading 1/3 of front wheel must be visible from the side”

—>The original intent was to give each rider the same exposure during close racing situations. Additional research, interviews, and discussions suggest that the need for this exposure may be overrated, and that protection afforded the front wheel may be an additional safety feature.

**All currently legal bikes will remain legal with the application of this rule change.

Rule #16 Amended to read:

“All Racebikes shall have reliable, easily accessed, and plainly marked emergency disconnect switch on the handlebar within reach of the rider with hands on controls, plus a tether fastened to the rider that causes power to shut off if/when rider is separated from the bike. This switch must turn off all sources of power with one throw.”

—>The original rule required a power disconnect at the rear of the bike to be easily accessible to staff and corner workers. Observations and interviews indicate that workers familiar with motorcycles are looking in traditional locations for power cut-off switches, and the rear location is confusing.  Requiring the handlebar location is safer for the rider and emergency staff as well.

CLICK HERE to view the rules in their entirety.



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