2014 Season Finale – Results and a Year in Review

Wrapping up the Season

This past weekend marked the end of eMotoRacing’s first season, which ended up being a successful one.  Overall there were 21 contestants, which included riders previously experienced in racing gas-powered motorcycles, as well as teams who focused on building electric bikes.  The battlefields included 10 notable tracks, each of which presented their dangers and advantages.

The eMotoRacing series became the first sanctioned racing series to not only allow, but encourage, full-fairing streamlining since the concept was disallowed by the FIM back in the 50’s.  eMotoRacing will continue on in to the 2015 season with the goal of promoting innovation in the zero-emissions field through the excitement of green racing.

We would like to thank the participants, sponsors, and dedicated race fans which made this amazing first year possible.  Sign up below to receive email updates on the details of the 2015 season as they unfold.  Tracks and dates are still being firmed up.

Daytona Results, October 18 – 19, 2014

The placing from both Friday’s practice and Saturday’s race were the same:

  1. Arthur Kowitz, Brammo
  2. Andrew Cowell, Brammo
  3. David Sadowski, Brammo
  4. Murrae Haynes, Brammo

Daytona Finish LineThe Daytona Beach News-Journal and several Central Florida news stations covered the electric motorcycle action, which was held during Biketoberfest.  One of the highlights of Biketoberfest is the continuous rumble of gas-powered bikes pouring into the Greater Daytona Beach Area, so race fans were intrigued by the quieter, yet zippy electric bikes which hit up to 120 mph.

Series founder, Arthur Kowitz, also took 1st place in the Vintage Superbike Heavyweight class, and then hung his gas-powered racing hat up in favor of going all electric for the 2015 season.

Season Results

For a participant to have placed in this season, they had to have raced at least twice.

Race Class eGrandPrix

Series Points Races Run Rider Number First Last City State
2000 2 9643 Shane Turpin Salt Lake City UT

Race Class eSuperSport

Series Point Races Run Rider Number First Last City State
9835 20 8154 Arthur Kowitz Ormond Beach FL
7175 12 1012322 David Sadowski Melborne FL
5540 14 1736 Andrew Cowell Bolivia NC
4000 4 E10031 Eric Bstrom Newberry Park CA
2549 4 1012339 Robert Berbeco Indianapolis IN
2505 4 18603 Peter Nicolosi Daniel Island SC
2489 6 10877 Murrae Haynes Santa Fe NM
2124 4 18225 Ricky Orlando Frederick CO
1535 2 185 David Roper Hicksville NY
1199 2 18227 Shelina Moreda Petaluma CA
1180 2 1012403 Ely Schless Ashland OR
1180 4 6216 Scott Signorini Flagler Beach FL
1180 4 1012395 Jeff Clark North Hills CA
998 2 1012448 Tim Johnson Calgary AB
700 2 1012463 Daniel Grabowski Chester MD



eMotoRacing’s Sponsor of the Year

Solar Alternatives

In celebration of the season finale race scheduled today, eMotoRacing is proud to announce the 2014 Sponsor of the Year: Solar Alternatives.

Solar AlternativesBased out of New Orleans, Solar Alternatives was founded in 2008 to provide powerful clean energy designs using advanced technology and a skilled, versatile team.  With a focus on client-centered design, attention to detail and constant innovation, the company portfolio includes all major solar technologies as well as cutting edge applications such as mobile solar power systems.

Back at the start of the 2014 season, the eMotoRacing series founder, Arthur Kowitz, was introduced to Sol Alt rep Jeff Cantin, who was excited to participate in assisting eMoto in any way he could. Jeff showed up to the first couple races with mobile charging trailers, and was amazed out the interest and fascination they evoked in the racing fans. Shortly after, Jeff offered to loan the eMotoRacing series a mobile charging trailer branded with the eMoto logo, which would enable race participants to charge their electric motorcycles directly off the power of the sun, rather than having to plug in to a source which still used fossil fuels.

Solar Alternatives - Mobile Charging Station

Solar Alternatives – Mobile Charging Station

The charging unit not only powered the bikes — it ran tire warmers, and various other gadgets during race down time, as well as served as a race office to tend to electronics such as lap tops and GPS software.

We are proud that Solar Alternatives stepped up to the plate and became an integral part of the success of the eMotoRacing series.  Be sure to CLICK HERE to check out more on the mobile charging unit they provided, and CLICK HERE to check out their website.

Starting the morning off with a charge, Brammo racin' style at Sonoma Raceway.  \  © Abe Kowitz - please credit if used in media press releases

Starting the morning off with a charge, Brammo racin’ style at Sonoma Raceway. \ © Abe Kowitz – please credit if used in media press releases



Daytona International Speedway welcomes eMotoRacing, a national motorcycle racing series, to its high-banked track this October 17th and 18th.

daytonaThe eMoto series features electric motorcycles built by engineering students from American universities such as Virginia Tech, who will bring their VaTech ‘Bolt’ to Daytona.  Other machines are purpose-built factory electric racebikes and modified electric streetbikes.

Innovation is encouraged, so full streamlining and electronic wizardry can be seen throughout this assortment of unique motorcycles.

Riders in this series include a former Daytona 200 winner, several AMA professional racers, as well as accomplished AHRMA and WERA racers.

The eMotoRacing series has held events at nine iconic tracks this year, including Road America in Wisconsin, Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama, Willow Springs International Raceway and Sonoma Raceway in California, and Miller Motorsports Park in Utah. The October races at Daytona will be this year’s season finale.

Arthur Kowitz Realty of Greater Daytona is the official sponsor of the series, a supporter of sustainable energy, and an advocate of environmental responsibility. The AKR realty offices are housed in Florida’s first solar-powered commercial building.

Fans and supporters can follow the series at eMotoRacing.com, and view the action first hand at the Daytona International Speedway on October 17th and 18th.

eMotoRacing’s Fan of the Year

John Alder

2014 Fan of the Year - John Alder at Salt Lake City

2014 Fan of the Year – John Alder at Salt Lake City

It is satisfying to feature the 2014 season’s Fan of the Year – John Alder.  eMotoRacing’s goal has always been to use the excitement created by racing to promote street transportation which is free of fossil fuels.  Recently, he went out of his way to attend two eMotoRacing events in New Jersey and Utah.  John has always been a big fan of bikes in all forms, and has been passionate about electric vehicles for nearly ten years.

In 2009, John’s interests melded together, and he built a street-legal electric motorcycle using the framework of a old Suzuki. It runs off an Advanced DC K99-4007 6.7″ series motor powered by six 12v lead acid batteries.  The bike reaches speeds of 50 mph, for about 20 miles.  One of the challenges he faced with this project was fitting all the necessary components into the small space which had contained the gas-powered motor.

At the time, there was a lack of practical commercially built electric motorcycles, however in the last few years, John notes, this has changed.

Originally he had plans to upgrade his e-bike to run off lithium batteries, but with several companies like Zero, Brammo, and now even Harley Davidson throwing their hat in the ring with the LiveWire Project, John admits it’s a far less difficult task to purchase one of these than it would be to reconfigure the battery system at this point.

John is pleased to see the progress being made by electric motorcycle manufacturers, and looks forward to the day in the not-so-distant future when we will no longer be burning fossil fuels.

John’s first ride on his newly-built electric bike:

John’s first street-legal ride:


8th Race of the eMotoRacing 2014 Series – Coming This August!

TEAM ZEUS Gets Ready to Shock & Awe!

When: August 29 – 31

Where: Miller Motorsports Park, Tooele, Utah – State of the art racing complex. At nearly 4.5 miles, the Miller Motorsports Park is the longest road racing facility in North America and hosts both the AMA Superbike Championship and the World Superbike Championship. The track boasts interestingly named corners such as “Scream”, “Diablo”, Bad Attitude” and “Satisfaction”. Opened in 2006, the track was originally a novelty track for Larry H. Miller, and designed by renowned engineer Alan Wilson.

What: eMotoRacing’s 8th race of the 2014 season, held in conjunction with AHRMA. Online registration open until Noon EST on August 22nd: CLICK HERE to register.  Race Day information for AHRMA Racers: CLICK HERE

We have had a great stirring of rumors as to who will be in attendance.  One thing is certain — there will be a good mix of contestants, including the official Brammo racing team, and Team “ZEUS” of the University of Calgary. “ZEUS” stands for “Zero Emission Ucalgary Superbike”, and the team is comprised of engineers, business and physics majors. The team will be racing their Generation I bike, which uses an Agni 95-R motor mounted to the frame of a 2004 Suzuki GSX 600, which was straight from the factory, and then stripped of its gasoline engine components.  We are excited to see this eBike in action!  To check out more about Team ZEUS, hit their website or facebook page.

Why: The eMotoRacing series aims to showcase the amazing innovation in the zero-emissions field. eMotoRacing spawned out of the vacuum left when other zero-emissions racing venues ceased operations in the U.S.A.  Strategic partnership with AHRMA has given us desirable race tracks and reliable race dates.

Stay tuned for updates and race reports!

**edited to correct the motor-type being used by Team ZEUS.

Race Results for New Jersey Motorsports Park

The Results for Race #7 Are In!

1st place….Arthur Kowitz, Brammo TTX, best lap time 1:49.290

2nd place…William Himmelsbach, Brammo TTX, best 1:50.362: 3.794 sec back

3rd place…Pete Nicolosi, Brammo Empulse R, best 1:50.608: 5.308 sec back from winner

4th place…Daniel Grabowski, VT Bolt prototype, best time N/A: 5.327 sec behind winner

5th place…Andrew Cowell, Brammo Empulse R, best time 1:50.105, crash lap 3

DNS…David Sadowski, Brammo Empulse R

CLICK HERE to read a pretty nifty Race Report on the first day by the leader of the pack