Press Release — Rochester Institute of Technology EV Team to Compete!

RIT's Sleek Hot EV Bike

RIT’s Sleek EV Bike

The Rochester Institute of Technology Electric Vehicle Team has announced their entry into the eMotoRacing Varsity Challenge motorcycle road race at New Jersey MotorSports Park this July 11 and 12.

The RIT student-built racebike will be piloted by Isle of Man Manx GP veteran racer Karl Smolenski.

The prototype bike carries a maximum battery voltage of 99.6VDC, which puts in in the eSuperSport class with other ebikes running up to 125 volts.
This AHRMA sanctioned eMotoRacing event was won last year by the Virginia Tech Bolt.

Woodcraft Technologies, makers of sportbike and roadrace specialty items has posted a $1000 scholarship to the highest placing collegiate team.
Information on Woodcraft products can be viewed at

Additional details on RIT’s advanced engineering team are available on the RIT Facebook page.
The full 10 race eMotoRacing schedule can be accessed on the web at and on the eMotoRacing Facebook page.

Race Results for New Jersey Motorsports Park

The Results for Race #7 Are In!

1st place….Arthur Kowitz, Brammo TTX, best lap time 1:49.290

2nd place…William Himmelsbach, Brammo TTX, best 1:50.362: 3.794 sec back

3rd place…Pete Nicolosi, Brammo Empulse R, best 1:50.608: 5.308 sec back from winner

4th place…Daniel Grabowski, VT Bolt prototype, best time N/A: 5.327 sec behind winner

5th place…Andrew Cowell, Brammo Empulse R, best time 1:50.105, crash lap 3

DNS…David Sadowski, Brammo Empulse R

CLICK HERE to read a pretty nifty Race Report on the first day by the leader of the pack

Bolting for the Hills…

Grabbing an Early Lead

We’re waiting for final results on this weekend’s races, but here is a fantastic video which showcases the power of the zero-emissions motorcycle built by the Virginia Tech’s BOLT team of engineers.  They started out strong, but did they hold the lead?  Find out soon!

CLICK HERE to check out more on Virginia Tech’s BOLT team at their facebook page.

Virginia Tech BOLT Racing Team to Race in New Jersey

Bring it on Virginia Tech!

On July 12th – 13th, the amazing undergraduate engineering team behind BOLT will be going head-to-head with the established participants in the eMotoRacing 2014 series.

Virginia Tech's BOLT team's electric bike. For more pics, check out their Facebook page.

Virginia Tech’s BOLT team’s electric bike. For more pics, check out their Facebook page.

The BOLT (Battery Operated Land Transport) team will be entering an electric bike they’ve built from the ground up.  You can see photos of their build progress on their Facebook page.  They originally constructed Virginia Tech’s first 100% electric-powered motorcycle in 2012, and competed in the TTXGP North American Series.  The team finished as the fastest 75 class bike in the western hemisphere.  In 2012 the team entered in the Unlimited GP class.

Now, with the eMotoRacing 2014 series filling the absence of the TTXGP, the BOLT team has entered to compete on July 12th – 13th at the New Jersey Motorsports Park.

But how will this hand-crafted bike fair when pitted against the customized factory-built bikes of other eMotoRacing contestants?  Find out this soon!

About Team Bolt as described on their website: “The BOLT team is dedicated to evolving electric vehicle technology through design, construction, and demonstration of a high performance electric motorcycle and as a competition based team strives for nothing but the best performance on the track. By challenging the standards of performance the team expects to increase the visibility of clean emissions motorsports while proving the viability of the technology itself.”

Road America Race Report

Road America Race Report, June 7-8, 2014

~By Arthur Kowitz

What beautiful racetrack and facility! We had perfect weather and crowds estimated at 10,000 for the motorcycle festival weekend.
The track’s hilly terrain creates a few blind spots, while the 3 looong straightaways challenge racebikes as few courses anywhere do. One of these long, but kinked straights hurtles the racers through a lush forest at top speed…it’s enchanting.

Elkhart Lake, Road America Track

The Road America Race Track in Wisconsin was built in 1955, carved out of the glacial Kettle Moraine area to fulfill the local need for speed when the state banned racing on public roads. Over the years this course has challenged the world’s best racers, and this past weekend was no exception.

There were 4 eMotoRacing entrants for the 2 round series held at this grueling, high-speed 4 mile road course.

Dave Sadowsky, former Daytona 200 winner, had a new custom rear shock by Nitron fitted to his Brammo Empulse R.
Secondly, Andrew Cowell, AHRMA’s race school instructor, fielded another Brammo with new Bridgestone DOT race tires mounted and ready for action.

New to the series is AHRMA Middleweight Superbike veteran Scott Signorini, who recently took delivery of an Empulse R that sports lightweight racing wheels, and a few other nice bits. Scott was excited to compete in his first eMotoRacing event.

Arthur Kowitz on his Brammo TTX

Arthur Kowitz with his trimmed Brammo TTX

Lastly, myself, with my Brammo TTX which is fitted with substantially the same motor, controller, and batteries as the other entrants…but the bike has been lightened and trimmed down for racing.

eMotoRacing heads to a tight and technical course at Grattan Michigan next weekend, where racebike advantages are secondary to rider daring and skill. But, this week in both races at Road America, the lighter and sleeker TTX was too much for the rest of the field.

1st….Arthur Kowitz, Brammo TTX
2nd…Dave Sadowsky, Brammo Empulse R
3rd…Andrew Cowell, Brammo Empulse R
4th…Scott Signorini, Barmmo Empulse R

These same competitors, plus another new entrant to the field will test each other next weekend at Grattan, Michigan, where the top podium spot will be fiercely contested.
Bring it on!

~Arthur Kowitz

About Arthur Kowitz: Kowitz was a pioneer and competitive privateer in AMA Superbike racing from the class’ inception in 1976 until 1982. A quarter-century later, he rode his venerable Kawasaki Z1 to the 2008 AHRMA Vintage Superbike Heavyweight Championship. In 2013, he competed on an electric Brammo Empulse TTX in the FIM eWorldCup Series at Laguna Seca Raceway and at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Hi speed SOLAR POWERED Motorcycle Road Racing comes to New Orleans, March 29 and 30!

Zero-Emissions Motorsports

Hi speed SOLAR POWERED Motorcycle Road Racing comes to New Orleans, March 29 and 30!

The New Orleans based firm ‘Solar Alternatives‘ will be charging eMotoRacing℠ racebikes at the second round of the 2014 season, at NOLA Motorsports Park near Avondale, LA. The two portable “solar generators” will showcase how sustainable energy can be used in fun and exciting ways…Don’t miss it! 

NOLA Motorsports Park

Click to check out NOLA’s LIVE view of the north track!

Now zero-emission racing is exactly that, as the portable solar charging stations from Louisiana will be in place to charge 2 of the bikes competing in the AHRMA sanctioned event.

Solar Alternatives

One of the charging stations features 1000 watt solar panels, 16kwh gel-cell battery banks, and a 3500 watt power inverter.

Along with the eRacebikes, there will be a weekend of racing featuring a full field of modern and historic bikes, and many top riders. Details are available at

To enter the electric racing event, visit

Bring your ebikes and EVs to the track to spectate, and support the making of history!