2 Wheels Only Interview – Testing the Brammo!

2 Wheels Only - Testing the Brammo

Motorcycle champs Arthur Kowitz and Dave Sadowski bring a Brammo Empulse TTX for Jon Vedas of 2 “Wheels Only” to test.

Don’t forget to catch the interview at 9am EST on Saturday the 11th — Stream it live from 2 Wheels Only’s website
— Did you miss it? CLICK HERE to play the interview!

Upcoming Interview with 2 Wheels Only

Don’t miss Arthur Kowitz’s interview with 2 Wheels Only! It will air at 9am EST on Saturday the 11th. You can stream it live by clicking on the link below to go to their website. Once there, click on the bottom left option. Don’t worry — if you can’t make it, we will post the audio of the interview once it’s made available to us.

2 Wheels Only – website
2 Wheels Only – facebook page