Race Results for New Jersey Motorsports Park

The Results for Race #7 Are In!

1st place….Arthur Kowitz, Brammo TTX, best lap time 1:49.290

2nd place…William Himmelsbach, Brammo TTX, best 1:50.362: 3.794 sec back

3rd place…Pete Nicolosi, Brammo Empulse R, best 1:50.608: 5.308 sec back from winner

4th place…Daniel Grabowski, VT Bolt prototype, best time N/A: 5.327 sec behind winner

5th place…Andrew Cowell, Brammo Empulse R, best time 1:50.105, crash lap 3

DNS…David Sadowski, Brammo Empulse R

CLICK HERE to read a pretty nifty Race Report on the first day by the leader of the pack