eMotoRacing Varsity Challenge

Varsity Challenge Winners

2017 – University of Sherbrook’s Project EMUS

2016 – University of Sherbrook’s Project EMUS

2015 – Rochester Institute of Technology’s Team EV

2014 – Virginia Tech’s Team BOLT

Electrifying Engineering Student Competition

The ‘Varsity Challenge’ is a zero emissions motorcycle road race held each year at New Jersey Motorsports Park, in mid July.

Collegiate engineering teams are invited to design, build, and race production motorcycles converted to electric, full on prototypes, even powered by any zero emission method (flywheel, magnetism, piezo-electric, etc).

The race is run concurrent with AHRMA’s eSuperSport class, under all eSS rules except for battery voltage. VC teams are not limited as to battery voltage, as long as normal safety concerns are met.

AHRMA’s race director allows the VC teams to race on track side by side private ebike teams, with the understanding that the VC teams will not get points toward the eSS championship. To sweeten the race for VC teams, Woodcraft Technologies sponsors a $1000 scholarship to the top team.

Recent entries have come from Virginia Tech, University of Sherbrooke (Quebec), Rochester Institute of Technology, and University of Calgary. Among other schools with programs underway are Penn State and University of Michigan.

eMotoRacing founder, Arthur Kowitz, will gladly answer specific questions upon request.
Email Arthur at dbsuperbiker@gmail.com


“The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine.” ~Nikola Tesla

We all stand upon the backs of giants when we create.
Become one of this generation’s giants.

Join us for our 2018 season, and our 4th Varsity Challenge on 7/13-15 at New Jersey Motorsports Park, Millville, NJ!


Recent Varsity Challenge News

Varsity Challenge 2016 ROUND TWO

Sunday Results Sunday’s round two of this weekend’s eMotoRacing Varsity Challenge at New Jersey Motorsports Park took on a different look than Saturday’s event. The student built prototypes held their own against the private teams on their production based ebikes. Although round one was exciting, it settled into 2 distinct races within the 6 lap …
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Varsity Challenge 2016 ROUND ONE

Saturday Results The University of Sherbrooke, Quebec takes home a $500,00 scholarship provided by Woodcraft Technologies for winning the first of two rounds of the eMotoRacing Varsity Challenge. Rochester Institute of Technology was a close second and looking forward to tomorrow’s final round with another $500.00 scholarship on the line. Keep up to date with …
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3rd Annual eMotoRacing Varsity Challenge July 9th - 10th

The 3rd Annual eMotoRacing “Varsity Challenge” ebike roadrace will take place July 9th and 10th at New Jersey Motorsports Park. Collegiate racing teams from the US and Canada will race their engineering student built prototype electric racebikes in the AHRMA sanctioned event. The top placing university team will take home a $1000 scholarship awarded by …
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Press Release -- Rochester Institute of Technology EV Team to Compete!

The Rochester Institute of Technology Electric Vehicle Team has announced their entry into the eMotoRacing Varsity Challenge motorcycle road race at New Jersey MotorSports Park this July 11 and 12. The RIT student-built racebike will be piloted by Isle of Man Manx GP veteran racer Karl Smolenski. The prototype bike carries a maximum battery voltage …
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Announcing eMotoRacing's 2015 Varsity Challenge

Press Release Announcing eMotoRacing’s 2015 Varsity Challenge New Jersey Motorsports Park and eMotoRacing are pleased to announce that electric racebikes engineered and built by university students are invited to compete in the 2015 “Varsity Challenge” event held July 11 and 12. Several engineering colleges around the nation are using the platform of zero emissions motorcycle …
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