Willow Springs eMotoRacing Race Reports, 2015

AHRMA once again hosts the Woodcraft Technologies’ eMotoRacing zero emissions road racing series at one of America’s iconic racetracks. Seven competitors from around the US made the grid on Saturday, for the first of the weekend’s two rounds. Time Warner Cable TV is on hand to interview the riders and teams, and to cover this exciting event.

The Hollywood Electrics Racing Team fielded three Zero SR based electric racebikes. Jeff Clark, Nathan Barker, and Brandon Nozaki-Miller had practiced the weekend before at this same raceway in preparation for the long awaited Zero-Brammo showdown. Zero SR mounted Doug Smith joined the grid as a post entry.

eMotoRacing series regulars Murrae Haynes of New Mexico, Pete Nicolosi of South Carolina, and the defending class champion Arthur Kowitz of Daytona Beach, Florida all were riding Brammo Empulses.

Kowitz’ (myself) Brammo TTX sports a carbon fiber fully steamlined body that has helped this fast ebike to pace the field at many previous events. However, this weekend was challenged with a US Weather Services Severe Wind Advisory of 36+ hours of prevailing and gusty winds up to 55 mph. Under these conditions the streamliner was difficult to ride at the edges of traction. Consequently, the decision was made to remove the bodywork and race ‘au natural’. With this change in configuration came an intermittent power cut out.

As the green flag dropped on Saturday’s race, Kowitz gets a sharp holeshot on the field, only to have his bike cut out early on lap one. Three of the well prepared Zeros form an impressive freight train up to the front and proceed to check out on the field. Jeff Clark takes the win with a flawless ride, all eight laps being fast and steady. Doug Smith in second and Nozaki-Miller in third overall.

The first Brammo finisher was Pete Nicolosi in 4th position overall.

The light, nimble, and fast Zeros appear to be dominant, and favorites for the second round on Sunday.

Sunday’s race begins in similar fashion, but motorsports can be unpredictable. On lap 4, Zero mounted Doug Smith crashes in some on track oil presumably left by one of the gas bikes sharing the track. The race is red flagged to care for the rider, and clean the track. The field is sequestered on hot pit road for a 20 minute delay. Now, battery capacity and drivetrain heat become issues. The uncounted warm up lap, the red flag lap, and the rigors of two starts are a concern to all riders as they impatiently await the restart.

While on the grid, Nozaki-Miller and his team try unsuccessfully to repair a critical broken footpeg mount. Clark remains as the man to beat.

The somewhat heavier, and more complex Brammos have up to now given a little in speed. That is in part due to a water cooled motor, and a complex battery system.

Upon the restart, predictably, Clark sets the pace on his Zero, with Nicolosi and Haynes on their Brammos in hot pursuit. Haynes is the only bike left in the field that sports a fairing, giving him a potential edge in power conservation, in what is shaping up as a battle of attrition.

With pressure mounting behind him, Clark must keep up his pace to maintain the lead heading into the final lap. His pace slows dramatically as power wanes. Nicolosi has been stalking and now pounces on the leader in Willow Springs famed turn nine onto the front straight, taking the lead and the win. Haynes also maintains his power and is rewarded a steady 3rd place behind Clark.

The next eMotoRacing round is only days away at Sonoma Raceway in Northern California. There are several other teams poised to join these same riders at Sonoma’s more technical (and less windy) racetrack.

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PRESS RELEASE: The Woodcraft Technologies eMotoRacing Series comes to California for 2 back-to-back events

California Dreamin' - the eMotoRacing series heads back to the hip state of California for a challenge between the Zero and Brammo bikes!

California Dreamin’ – the eMotoRacing series heads back to the hip state of California for a challenge between the Zero and Brammo bikes! (Rider: Ricky Orlando)

The Woodcraft Technologies eMotoRacing Series comes to California for 2 back-to-back events.

The big track at Willow Springs will host two eight lap electric road races on April 25 and 26.

Later the following week, Sonoma Raceway will be the site of two more rounds of zero emissions racing, April 30 and May 1.

A three bike team sponsored by Hollywood Electrics of Los Angeles will pit specially prepared Zeros against the Brammo Empulses that have dominated the series in 2014 and so far into 2015.

Willow Springs International Raceway

The exciting track at Willow Springs International Raceway

Riders Jeff Clark, Brandon Nozaki-Miller, and Nathan Barker will pilot the Zero Team.  Brammo riders include Pete Nicolosi of NC, fresh from a win at NOLA, Murrae Haynes of NM, and defending series champion Arthur Kowitz on his solar powered streamliner.

Last year’s winners at Willow Springs was Dave Roper and Arthur Kowitz. Winner for both races last year at Sonoma was Eric Bostrom.

Later in the season, the eMotoRacing events at Miller and NJMP will showcase prototype road racers built and campaigned by university student teams. These teams will compete against the Brammo and Zero production based bikes.

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Pics from Willow Springs and Sonoma during eMotoRacing’s 2014 season // © Abe Kowitz


Announcing Woodcraft Technologies as Official Title Sponsor of 2015 Season

title sponsorship miniPRESS RELEASE: Official Title Sponsor of the Year

February 1st, 2015 – eMotoRacing and Woodcraft Technologies are excited to announce that Woodcraft is now the official title sponsor of the 2015 eMotoRacing series.

eMotoRacing is America’s premier zero-emissions racing series, featuring classes for production and prototype electric motorcycles. This AHRMA sanctioned 10 race national series will visit some of the finest racing facilities in the United States.

One of the series’ season highlights will be the “Varsity Challenge” held at New Jersey Motorsports Park July 10, 11, and 12. Collegiate engineering teams from American and Canadian universities will compete for a $1000 scholarship, offered to the winner by Woodcraft Technologies.

About Woodcraft Technologies:

Woodcraft is a leading manufacturer of parts and accessories for sport bikes, offering billet parts, tire warmers, riding gear and other specialty products for electric and gas powered racebikes. For a more information on Woodcraft, visit their website at woodcraft-cfm.com.

About eMotoRacing:

eMotoRacing was established to fill the demand for a zero-emissions motorcycle racing series that would demonstrate advanced and compact e-superbike technology and excitement. With a full schedule implemented at legendary racetracks across the country, eMotoRacing’s strategic partnership with AHRMA provides the best of current and past racing history.

For more about this leading edge series and the 2015 schedule visit eMotoRacing.com, and on eMotoRacing on Facebook or email info@eMotoRacing.com.

Announcing eMotoRacing’s 2015 Varsity Challenge

Press Release

Announcing eMotoRacing’s 2015 Varsity Challenge

New Jersey Motorsports Park and eMotoRacing are pleased to announce that electric racebikes engineered and built by university students are invited to compete in the 2015 “Varsity Challenge” event held July 11 and 12.

Several engineering colleges around the nation are using the platform of zero emissions motorcycle racing to hone skills and advance technologies. eMotoRacing offers the opportunity for these students to compete on a big stage. The crucible of racing brings out our best.

There will be a $1,000 scholarship awarded to the winning team as recognition of their success.

During the 2014 season, Virginia Tech and the University of Calgary each fielded racebikes in eMotoRacing events; the teams and their racebikes were an exciting addition to these AHRMA sanctioned events.

The series travels to 10 of America’s finest racetracks, with the NJMP selected as a focal point for the collegiate teams.

NJMP hosts the 3rd Annual Vintage Motorcycle Festival that weekend, featuring road races, bike shows and a fine swap meet.

Be sure to save the dates and make plans to enjoy this one-of-a-kind “Varsity Challenge” eMotoRacing event…it should be interesting.

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A special thank you to the two teams which participated last year!  We look forward to seeing many more teams join the fray this year!



Daytona International Speedway welcomes eMotoRacing, a national motorcycle racing series, to its high-banked track this October 17th and 18th.

daytonaThe eMoto series features electric motorcycles built by engineering students from American universities such as Virginia Tech, who will bring their VaTech ‘Bolt’ to Daytona.  Other machines are purpose-built factory electric racebikes and modified electric streetbikes.

Innovation is encouraged, so full streamlining and electronic wizardry can be seen throughout this assortment of unique motorcycles.

Riders in this series include a former Daytona 200 winner, several AMA professional racers, as well as accomplished AHRMA and WERA racers.

The eMotoRacing series has held events at nine iconic tracks this year, including Road America in Wisconsin, Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama, Willow Springs International Raceway and Sonoma Raceway in California, and Miller Motorsports Park in Utah. The October races at Daytona will be this year’s season finale.

Arthur Kowitz Realty of Greater Daytona is the official sponsor of the series, a supporter of sustainable energy, and an advocate of environmental responsibility. The AKR realty offices are housed in Florida’s first solar-powered commercial building.

Fans and supporters can follow the series at eMotoRacing.com, and view the action first hand at the Daytona International Speedway on October 17th and 18th.

eMotoRacing’s 9th event – Barber MotorSports Park

eMotoRacing’s 9th event – Barber MotorSports Park

On October 9th – 12th, the eMotoRacing series will be holding the 9th race of the 2014 season.  Riders will have had to qualify by racing prior to this in the 2014 season…so expect scores to be settled and tensions to run high.  There will be two full days of practice this time, on the 9th and 10th, with races on the 11th and 12th.


Click to view full pdf on the Barber Motorsports Park website

The park, located outside Birmingham, Alabama, features a 16-turn, 2.38 mile road course with a number of elevation changes (as can be seen by the map to your left), and is designed to be run clockwise.

The track has hosted various series such as the Grand-Am, Pirelli World Challenge, Vintage Racing Series events, AMA SuperBike, and is noted for it’s lush greenery.

Planning to attend?  CLICK HERE to check out their website for information.

We look forward to having you, and remember – we love any fan-made videos and photos of the events, so send those to info@eMotoRacing.com to be featured on our website and facebook page!

And don’t forget…a week after Barber……eMotoRacing heads to the Birthplace of Speed to end the 2014 season.  Check back for updates!