Pete Nicolosi

Pete celebrates placing third and second during the 2015 race at Sonoma, CA

Technician at Hendrick Honda in Charleston, SC is eMotoRacing’s current 2016 series leader!

As eMotoRacing gets ready to hit the track this weekend at Willow Springs Raceway, we wanted to spotlight one of our racers, Pete Nicolosi.

Pete has been racing with us for all three seasons, and has steadily improved his game — in 2014 he finished 6th in eSuperSport, and then in 2015 he jumped up to 2nd place.  Currently he is our 2016 series points leader, and as he heads to California this weekend with his Brammo, he has his eyes on the prize.

Pete races alongside several other top-notch zero-emissions motorcycle riders in our third season, and we’re thrilled to have him as a participant in the US’s only zero-emissions motorcycle roadracing series.  When he’s not racing, he enjoys working as a technician for Hendrick Honda.

eMotoRacing runs 10 tracks in the season, with 2 rounds per track.  A rider’s 10 best finishes count toward the National Championship, and a minimum of two race finishes are required to qualify.  Current series point standings can be viewed HERE, under “eSuperSport by eMotoRacing” at the bottom of the page.   For our 2016 racing schedule, click HERE.

Connect with Pete via Facebook: CLICK HERE

Connect with eMotoRacing via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eMotoRacing/

Pete Nicolosi - eMotoRacing

Pete starts the 2016 season off right!

PRESS RELEASE: Hollywood Electrics Welcomes eMotoRacing to Willow Springs on Earth Day Weekend

The Zeros Enter the Fray

The Zeros Enter the Fray

Willow Springs Raceway April 22 – 24

Hollywood Electrics is excited to welcome the eMotoRacing crew to Willow Springs Raceway this coming weekend (April 22-24)! We’ll be bringing along a few riders and their Zero Motorcycles to break the monotony of the single brand grid we’ve seen so far this season.

“Big” Willow is a high speed track that can challenge the limits of any electric drivetrain. An additional challenge we’ve seen in years past, are the heavy afternoon crosswinds that sweep down off the surrounding hillsides.

On the plus side, Willow Springs has plenty of on-grid charging outlets, including 220VAC for the electric motorcycles that can take advantage of Level 2 Charging. Hollywood Electrics will also be bringing our Solar Powered Race Support Vehicle to help with any extra charging needs.

This will be a great AHRMA eMotoracing event for the competitors and spectators alike. Not only do we get to watch the new electric motorcycles get pushed to their limits, but we also have the privilege of seeing the archaic vintage bikes put on quite a show! The Corsa Motoclassica hosted by the Garage Company’s Yoshi Kosaka always brings some great eye-candy too!

Besides, is there any better way to spend April 22nd’s Earth Day Weekend than racing Motorcycles in an environmentally friendly fashion?

Hope to see you there!

~Harlan Flagg

PRESS RELEASE – Announcing 2016 Schedule & eSuperSport Permanent Class

Pete Nicolosi and Bob Berbeco at Daytona International Speedway...eMotoRacing's final event of the 2015 Season. © Abe Kowitz

Pete Nicolosi and Bob Berbeco at Daytona International Speedway…eMotoRacing’s final event of the 2015 Season. © Abe Kowitz

eMotoRacing is pleased to announce eSuperSport has been adopted as a permanent roadracing class in AHRMA.

The AHRMA Board of Trustees voted to award full status to the electric racing class after 2 years of successful operation as an exhibition class around the US.

Good participation by racers and sponsors, exciting on-track action, safe racing, and strong public interest were key factors influencing the decision.

As America’s premier historic motorcycle racing organization, AHRMA recognized that historic means not only vintage, but significant as well.
Since the overwhelming majority of ebike entries were in eSuperSport, the less popular eGrandPrix exhibition class was folded into eSuperSport.
The class consists of modern sportbikes that have been converted to electric, stock production Brammos and Zeros, and modified production bikes.

The 2016 season will kick off at Roebling Road in Savannah GA on February 26.

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 ** Looking for prior season results? CLICK HERE

Race #1   February 26-28 Roebling Road Raceway, Bloomingdale, GA

Race #2   March 18-20 NOLA Motorsports Park, Avondale, LA

Race #3   April 22-24 Willow Springs Int’l Raceway, Rosamond, CA

Race #4   April 28-29 Sonoma Raceway, Sonoma, CA

Race #5  June 3-5 Gingerman Raceway, South Haven, MI

Race #6   June 10-12 Road America, Elkhart Lake, WI

Race #7  July 8-10 New Jersey Motorsports Park, Millville, NJ

Race #8   September 2-4 Utah Motorsports Campus, Tooele, UT

Race #9  September 9-11 Talladega Gran Prix Raceway, Munford, AL

Race #10  October 6-9 Barber Motorsports Park, Leeds, AL


PRESS RELEASE – Miller Motorsports Park

Team ZeusThe Woodcraft Technologies eMotoRacing Series comes to Miller Motorsports Park this Labor Day weekend.  eMotoRacing is part of the annual AHRMA BonnevilleGP event, scheduled for September 4/5/6, 2015 at Utah’s top shelf racing facility .

Pre-entries include 2 prototype ebiikes and several production based racebikes. One of the protoypes is the University of Calgary student built Team Zeus, ridden by Canadian veteran racer Tim Johnson.

The other is a high voltage Brammo Empulse ridden by owner/builder Brian Wismann from Oregon. Brian turned the fastest ebike lap at the 2015 Laguna Seca Re-Fuel event, besting all comers. The BonnevilleGP will be Brian’s first eMotoRacing event.

Also pre-entered a is current series points leader Pete Nicolosi of Charleston, SC; on his Empulse R.

AHRMA veteran BOTT racer Murrae Haynes of Santa Fe, NM, is holding third place in the series’ points standings and will also bring an Empulse to the grid, along with Andrew Cowell,  AHRMA  race school lead instructor and sailboat racer extraordinaire.

Rounding out the pre-entries is veteran AMA supebike racer Arthur Kowitz from Ormond Beach, FL riding his carbon-fiber bodied Empulse streamliner. Kowitz  is the 2014 defending class champion.

eMotoRacing grids have historically hosted several post entries as well.

The BonnevilleGP event at Miller is the eighth of ten events on this years circuit. Remaining are the rounds at Barber in Alabama on October 8-11,  and Daytona International Speedway on October 17-18.

Press Release — Rochester Institute of Technology EV Team to Compete!

RIT's Sleek Hot EV Bike

RIT’s Sleek EV Bike

The Rochester Institute of Technology Electric Vehicle Team has announced their entry into the eMotoRacing Varsity Challenge motorcycle road race at New Jersey MotorSports Park this July 11 and 12.

The RIT student-built racebike will be piloted by Isle of Man Manx GP veteran racer Karl Smolenski.

The prototype bike carries a maximum battery voltage of 99.6VDC, which puts in in the eSuperSport class with other ebikes running up to 125 volts.
This AHRMA sanctioned eMotoRacing event was won last year by the Virginia Tech Bolt.

Woodcraft Technologies, makers of sportbike and roadrace specialty items has posted a $1000 scholarship to the highest placing collegiate team.
Information on Woodcraft products can be viewed at Woodcraft-cfm.com.

Additional details on RIT’s advanced engineering team are available on the RIT Facebook page.
The full 10 race eMotoRacing schedule can be accessed on the web at eMotoRacing.com and on the eMotoRacing Facebook page.

Willow Springs eMotoRacing Race Reports, 2015

AHRMA once again hosts the Woodcraft Technologies’ eMotoRacing zero emissions road racing series at one of America’s iconic racetracks. Seven competitors from around the US made the grid on Saturday, for the first of the weekend’s two rounds. Time Warner Cable TV is on hand to interview the riders and teams, and to cover this exciting event.

The Hollywood Electrics Racing Team fielded three Zero SR based electric racebikes. Jeff Clark, Nathan Barker, and Brandon Nozaki-Miller had practiced the weekend before at this same raceway in preparation for the long awaited Zero-Brammo showdown. Zero SR mounted Doug Smith joined the grid as a post entry.

eMotoRacing series regulars Murrae Haynes of New Mexico, Pete Nicolosi of South Carolina, and the defending class champion Arthur Kowitz of Daytona Beach, Florida all were riding Brammo Empulses.

Kowitz’ (myself) Brammo TTX sports a carbon fiber fully steamlined body that has helped this fast ebike to pace the field at many previous events. However, this weekend was challenged with a US Weather Services Severe Wind Advisory of 36+ hours of prevailing and gusty winds up to 55 mph. Under these conditions the streamliner was difficult to ride at the edges of traction. Consequently, the decision was made to remove the bodywork and race ‘au natural’. With this change in configuration came an intermittent power cut out.

As the green flag dropped on Saturday’s race, Kowitz gets a sharp holeshot on the field, only to have his bike cut out early on lap one. Three of the well prepared Zeros form an impressive freight train up to the front and proceed to check out on the field. Jeff Clark takes the win with a flawless ride, all eight laps being fast and steady. Doug Smith in second and Nozaki-Miller in third overall.

The first Brammo finisher was Pete Nicolosi in 4th position overall.

The light, nimble, and fast Zeros appear to be dominant, and favorites for the second round on Sunday.

Sunday’s race begins in similar fashion, but motorsports can be unpredictable. On lap 4, Zero mounted Doug Smith crashes in some on track oil presumably left by one of the gas bikes sharing the track. The race is red flagged to care for the rider, and clean the track. The field is sequestered on hot pit road for a 20 minute delay. Now, battery capacity and drivetrain heat become issues. The uncounted warm up lap, the red flag lap, and the rigors of two starts are a concern to all riders as they impatiently await the restart.

While on the grid, Nozaki-Miller and his team try unsuccessfully to repair a critical broken footpeg mount. Clark remains as the man to beat.

The somewhat heavier, and more complex Brammos have up to now given a little in speed. That is in part due to a water cooled motor, and a complex battery system.

Upon the restart, predictably, Clark sets the pace on his Zero, with Nicolosi and Haynes on their Brammos in hot pursuit. Haynes is the only bike left in the field that sports a fairing, giving him a potential edge in power conservation, in what is shaping up as a battle of attrition.

With pressure mounting behind him, Clark must keep up his pace to maintain the lead heading into the final lap. His pace slows dramatically as power wanes. Nicolosi has been stalking and now pounces on the leader in Willow Springs famed turn nine onto the front straight, taking the lead and the win. Haynes also maintains his power and is rewarded a steady 3rd place behind Clark.

The next eMotoRacing round is only days away at Sonoma Raceway in Northern California. There are several other teams poised to join these same riders at Sonoma’s more technical (and less windy) racetrack.

Visit eMotoRacing on Facebook and eMotoRacing.com for pictures and more information about this ground breaking series.