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John Alder

2014 Fan of the Year - John Alder at Salt Lake City

2014 Fan of the Year – John Alder at Salt Lake City

It is satisfying to feature the 2014 season’s Fan of the Year – John Alder.  eMotoRacing’s goal has always been to use the excitement created by racing to promote street transportation which is free of fossil fuels.  Recently, he went out of his way to attend two eMotoRacing events in New Jersey and Utah.  John has always been a big fan of bikes in all forms, and has been passionate about electric vehicles for nearly ten years.

In 2009, John’s interests melded together, and he built a street-legal electric motorcycle using the framework of a old Suzuki. It runs off an Advanced DC K99-4007 6.7″ series motor powered by six 12v lead acid batteries.  The bike reaches speeds of 50 mph, for about 20 miles.  One of the challenges he faced with this project was fitting all the necessary components into the small space which had contained the gas-powered motor.

At the time, there was a lack of practical commercially built electric motorcycles, however in the last few years, John notes, this has changed.

Originally he had plans to upgrade his e-bike to run off lithium batteries, but with several companies like Zero, Brammo, and now even Harley Davidson throwing their hat in the ring with the LiveWire Project, John admits it’s a far less difficult task to purchase one of these than it would be to reconfigure the battery system at this point.

John is pleased to see the progress being made by electric motorcycle manufacturers, and looks forward to the day in the not-so-distant future when we will no longer be burning fossil fuels.

John’s first ride on his newly-built electric bike:

John’s first street-legal ride:



Craig Vetter Strikes Again!

Craig Vetter & Arthur Kowitz

Craig Vetter & Arthur Kowitz at the drawing board.

Back in March, motorcycle streamlining legend Craig Vetter met with eMotoRacing series founder Arthur Kowitz to talk shop, discuss series rules….and plan on streamlining Arthur’s Brammo TTX.  The Brammo is a zero-emissions motorcycle, so any way to reduce resistance to gain speed and save even more energy was the plan.

So Vetter set out to design a custom fairing which would conform to the rules of the eMotoRacing series, while making the Brammo look even cooler than it already is.  In April, pics of the “Last Vetter Fairing” Photo-shopped onto the Brammo hit Arthur’s desk.  Arthur conferred with his son Abe Kowitz, who is known for building a fully electric car when he was just a teenager, and the plan for the fairing moved forward.

The Kowitz’s brought their streamliner kit back home to Florida for an initial test.  Vetter’s normal touring design would need to be adapted to the seating of the racing Brammo, which meant a smaller frontal area.

Finally, on June 23rd, Arthur and his son Bill Kowitz installed the kit on the Brammo and stepped back to find the bike was now an even sleeker critter than before.  Weighing in at about 17 pounds, the streamliner kit was tested on a back piece of road in secret.  Success!  Arthur reported the fairing kept his body in a pocket of “dead air”, which meant the bike wouldn’t be slowed down by the air hitting his legs and arms.  Plans for track testing will go forward on August 3rd – stay tuned!

Craig Vetter is an American inventor and designer, who “loves things with wings, wheels, and little engines”.  His lifetime goal has been to design and build products that help us live better on less energy.  His work was acknowledged in 1999 when he was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame. For more on Craig Vetter, check out his website: CraigVetter.com

California or Bust!

Getting ready for Willow Springs International Raceway.  Solar power has never looked so sexy! eMotoRacing has partnered with Solar Alternatives to provide a mobile solar charging station.

Solar Alternatives & eMotoRacing Mobile Charging Unit

Just arrived in California, look at those pretty skies! eMotoRacing came ready to harness the sun!

It features a 3500 watt pure sine power inverter, 1000 watt solar panels, and 16wh gel-cell battery banks.

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Did you know: the earth is the only planet whose name has not been derived from the Roman or Greek mythology? The name has originated from the 8th century Anglo Saxon word- Erda. This means ground or soil .

Did you know: the earth is the only planet whose name has not been derived from the Roman or Greek mythology? The name has originated from the 8th century Anglo Saxon word- Erda. This means ground or soil .

eMotoRacing wishes you a Happy Earth Day!  For suggestions on fun and educational things to do with the kids to celebrate, check out: PlanetPals.com

25 Crazy Facts About Planet Earth:

The Earth is Faster Than a Speeding Bullet!
10 Planetary Facts for Earth Day

Check out a GREAT article by Phil Plait at Slate.com:  CLICK HERE

Celebrate Earth Day #MyBeautifulEarth

CLICK HERE to share your own beautiful photos of this amazing planet we call home, and check out the spectacular photos posted by others.

e-Bikes Attending 15th Annual “Riding into History”

Don’t miss it! Arthur Kowitz will be displaying both his Brammo race-prepped eBike (Empulse TTX), and his street eBike (Empulse R), at the 15th annual “Riding Into History” Motorcycle Concours.

The event is being held at the World Golf Village near St. Augustine on May 15th & 17th.  It attracts collectors from all over America, and and has been featured on the Speed Channel.

Check out some super cool bikes and help raise funds for charity at the same time! Head to their website for more info: www.ridingintohistory.org


Upcoming Interview with 2 Wheels Only

Don’t miss Arthur Kowitz’s interview with 2 Wheels Only! It will air at 9am EST on Saturday the 11th. You can stream it live by clicking on the link below to go to their website. Once there, click on the bottom left option. Don’t worry — if you can’t make it, we will post the audio of the interview once it’s made available to us.

2 Wheels Only – website
2 Wheels Only – facebook page