About eMotoRacing’s Mobile Charging Unit

Harnessing the Sun

At eMotoRacing we often get the question: “So if you plug your electric bike into a wall socket to charge, doesn’t that still use fossil fuel?”

Team AKR Daytona Racing Garage

Arthur’s Brammo charging at his race shop. When on the road, the Brammo charges off a mobile station.

That’s a fair question.  When at home, eBike owners often install a solar panel grid over their garage which they use to charge their bikes…but what about when they’re at the races?  As one of eMotoRacing’s goal is to spur people into thinking out of the box on alternative energy, we’re happy to showcase the mobile charging unit which eMotoRacing brings to the races.

At the start of the 2014 season, the New Orleans based firm Solar Alternatives provided eMotoRacing with an innovative mobile charging station, which can provide fossil-fuel-free power for up to two race entrants.

Solar Alternatives & eMotoRacing Mobile Charging Unit

Just arrived in California, look at those pretty skies! eMotoRacing came ready to harness the sun!

The charging station features a 3500 watt pure sine power inverter, 1000 watt solar panels, and 16wh gel-cell battery banks. It was successfully deployed during the season opener at Roebling Road, and has created a truly zero-emissions race experience for eMotoRacing contestants.

Fans can check out the mobile charging station at the next race!  CLICK HERE to check out the schedule.

About Solar Alternatives:
Solar Alternatives was founded in 2008 to provide powerful clean energy designs using advanced technology and a skilled, versatile team.  With a focus on client-centered design, attention to detail and constant innovation, the company portfolio includes all major solar technologies as well as cutting edge applications such as mobile solar power systems.

About eMotoRacing:
eMotoRacing was established to fill the demand for a zero-emissions motorcycle racing series that would demonstrate advanced and compact e-superbike technology and excitement.  With a full schedule implemented at legendary racetracks across the country, eMotoRacing’s strategic partnership with AHRMA provides the best of current and past racing history.