8th Race of the eMotoRacing 2014 Series – Coming This August!

TEAM ZEUS Gets Ready to Shock & Awe!

When: August 29 – 31

Where: Miller Motorsports Park, Tooele, Utah – State of the art racing complex. At nearly 4.5 miles, the Miller Motorsports Park is the longest road racing facility in North America and hosts both the AMA Superbike Championship and the World Superbike Championship. The track boasts interestingly named corners such as “Scream”, “Diablo”, Bad Attitude” and “Satisfaction”. Opened in 2006, the track was originally a novelty track for Larry H. Miller, and designed by renowned engineer Alan Wilson.

What: eMotoRacing’s 8th race of the 2014 season, held in conjunction with AHRMA. Online registration open until Noon EST on August 22nd: CLICK HERE to register.  Race Day information for AHRMA Racers: CLICK HERE

We have had a great stirring of rumors as to who will be in attendance.  One thing is certain — there will be a good mix of contestants, including the official Brammo racing team, and Team “ZEUS” of the University of Calgary. “ZEUS” stands for “Zero Emission Ucalgary Superbike”, and the team is comprised of engineers, business and physics majors. The team will be racing their Generation I bike, which uses an Agni 95-R motor mounted to the frame of a 2004 Suzuki GSX 600, which was straight from the factory, and then stripped of its gasoline engine components.  We are excited to see this eBike in action!  To check out more about Team ZEUS, hit their website or facebook page.

Why: The eMotoRacing series aims to showcase the amazing innovation in the zero-emissions field. eMotoRacing spawned out of the vacuum left when other zero-emissions racing venues ceased operations in the U.S.A.  Strategic partnership with AHRMA has given us desirable race tracks and reliable race dates.

Stay tuned for updates and race reports!

**edited to correct the motor-type being used by Team ZEUS.