Results and Updates from Race #1 of the 2015 Season

The Lineup

Results from Roebling Road, GA Round One = Saturday the 21st Arthur Kowitz = error in lap time recording – sensor issue Bob Berbeco = error in lap time recording – sensor issue Peter Nicolosi = best lap time 01:34.061 Murrae Haynes = best lap time 01:37.389 Scott Signorini = best lap time 01:39.571 Ned Heidel = best lap time 01:39.458 Round Two = Sunday the 22nd Arthur Kowitz = best lap time 01:30.097 Bob Berbeco = error in lap time recording – sensor issue Peter Nicolas = error in lap time recording – sensor issue Murrae Haynes = best lap time 01:34.573 Ned Heidel = best lap time 01:38.696 Scott Signorini = best lap time 01:40.430 Coming up next is NOLA Raceway on March 27 – 29 — see you there! Post by eMotoRacing. Share this:

Announcing Woodcraft Technologies as Official Title Sponsor of 2015 Season

title sponsorship mini

PRESS RELEASE: Official Title Sponsor of the Year February 1st, 2015 – eMotoRacing and Woodcraft Technologies are excited to announce that Woodcraft is now the official title sponsor of the 2015 eMotoRacing series. eMotoRacing is America’s premier zero-emissions racing series, featuring classes for production and prototype electric motorcycles. This AHRMA sanctioned 10 race national series will visit some of the finest racing facilities in the United States. One of the series’ season highlights will be the “Varsity Challenge” held at New Jersey Motorsports Park July 10, 11, and 12. Collegiate engineering teams from American and Canadian universities will compete for a $1000 scholarship, offered to the winner by Woodcraft Technologies. About Woodcraft Technologies: Woodcraft is a leading manufacturer of parts and accessories for sport bikes, offering billet parts, tire warmers, riding gear and other specialty products for electric and gas powered racebikes. For a more information on Woodcraft, visit their … Continue reading